Why waste money changing locks over and over again!

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Why waste money changing locks over and over again!

Let’s face it most people do not have an endless supply of money to waste on rekeying every time they loss an employee or loss a key. Mitech Technology offers state of the art Access Control Systems. Access control system use serial number controllers, the serial number controllers are assigned to a specific individual through a remote administrative control system. Management can assign access for individual user’s or for specific area access. The system allows the ability to remotely manage several location over LAN/WAN connections.

Access control systems can be integrated into your alarm and video surveillance systems to provide you with real-time access. Most access control systems can provide you with interface capabilities for HR departments. Access control systems can also be designed for visitor access and ID management. There are many different styles of access control systems such as pin, password, pass phrase, magnetic stripe, bar code, 26 bit card-swipe, contact smart cards, contactless smart cards, key fobs,  and biometric measurement from facial recognition, Iris recognition, retinal scan, voice activation, hand scan and finger print scan. As you can see there are so many choice’s when it comes to access control.

Mitech Technology strives to have the latest information on access control so you don’t have to. One of our sales associates would be happy to sit down with you to design a system to fit all of your access control needs. Mitech Technology serves the greater Fort Lauderdale Area, Miami Dade, Palm Beach and nationwide. For more information on access control please visit our website www.mitech.us.



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